richleeRich Lee Interview

Where do you live and tell us a little bit about your family.

I live in St.Charles, Il. I am married w/3 adult children and 8 grandchildren

Tell us about your heat treating background.

I started in heat treating in the early 70’s and stayed in it until May of 93 when I left to open my own business which I operated until 2010

How long have you been with IHT?

It will be 5 years November 1st

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The daily challenges of directing people and processes

What differentiates 3rd shift from the others?

We are almost completely on our own, particularly on decision making

How do people deal with fatigue?

Energy drinks seem to be a popular method

What keeps you up during the day?

Decisions and/or problems from the night before

Does the phone ring on 3rd shift?

Seldom, usually only if a customer is picking up or early morning to talk to someone on days

Describe your management philosophy.

Treat ppl as you would want to be treated. Be fair but firm. Constantly try to improve the people around you

Tell an amusing story about 3rd shift.

Any time we lose power, there is of course no outside daylight so it gets pretty dark w/only emergency lights on. People make all kinds of noises and ghostly sounds, like a bunch of kids

Rich Lee came to IHT in 2010 at a time when leadership on the 3rd shift was sorely needed, and he had been a stabilizing force throughout his time with the company. He truly enjoyed the daily excitement of directing people and processes at IHT. His management philosophy centered around treating people as you would want to be treated, and to work tirelessly to constantly improve the people around you.

It is with profound sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Rich Lee on June 2, 2015. Rich was transported by ambulance from IHT to the hospital for treatment of symptoms an unknown but virulent illness. We at Induction Heat Treating are holding Rich and his family in our prayers. He will be missed.