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Dave Haimbaugh, President
Dave Haimbaugh

In this edition of the IHT Newsletter we will share some insight specific to deep case hardening and critical success factors. We will also introduce you to our new customer service representative Gina Braun.

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Dave Haimbaugh



Deep Case Hardening

Induction hardened case depth requirements of ¾ inch or deeper present challenges that must be overcome. It is a tricky thing to heat a piece of steel fast enough to not heat all the way through and to heat deeply enough without melting the surface.

This is why frequency selection is most critical in achieving the desired results. Induction power supply frequencies of 1 to 400KiloHertz (KHz) are the most commonly available. We would choose 1KHz for deeper case depth, which produces a penetrating heat that minimizes overheating on the surface.

It takes a skillful combination of power, frequency, scanning velocity, and heat extraction to successfully meet customer requirements in deep case hardening.

Employee Profile – Gina Braun

Gina Braun
Gina Braun

Meet our new customer service representative, Gina Braun.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Harvard, Illinois.

What is your favorite movie genre?

My favorite movie genre is horror.

What is your favorite season of the year and why?

Summer is my favorite season, I like the warmth.

What are your responsibilities/priorities at IHT?

As the customer service contact, I receive purchase orders, review orders, answer incoming calls, and I also handle invoicing and any customer follow-up. 

What do you think is your strongest skill?

My strongest skill is my ability to keep a positive attitude throughout each day.

What goals are you setting in your first year at IHT?

My goals are to be able to read a blueprint, and to be able to enter an order into the system instead of just reviewing it.

In which core value(s) do you believe in the most strongly? 

To always be respectful and honest.

How do you unwind from a rough day?   

I like to unwind by playing fetch with my cats.


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