Welcome - DECEMBER 2020 Newsletter

Dave Haimbaugh, President
Dave Haimbaugh

Looking Back
As hard as it might be to look back at this challenging, disruptive, and for some a tragic year there were some good things that did happen in 2020.

Aggressive sanitizing coupled with distancing and face covering has kept the COVID-19 virus out of IHT premises. IHT employees who either contracted the virus or stayed home to care for family all returned to work fully recovered.

Most other illnesses that occur at various times of the year were greatly reduced or non-existent which kept more people healthy.

Creative scheduling kept employees at work with no layoffs needed.

Looking Ahead
Looking ahead to 2021, can we please start smiling again? I don’t expect surging growth, but the American economic engine is mighty, and I believe that the events of 2020 are a temporary slip of the wheels. 2021 forecasts for the heat-treating industry predict 1-2% growth with a return to pre-COVID volumes in 2022. There will be increasing opportunity coming as reshoring of manufactured products continues. American infrastructure needs will create massive demand for manufactured goods and will create many new jobs.


Thank You and Happy Holidays,

Dave Haimbaugh


Design Right Induction Update

Since IHT Corp acquired Design Right Induction in the summer of 2019, the pairing of IHT's experience and Design Right's capabilities has proven to be a hand in glove fit.

In the face of the turbulent year that was 2020, Design Right Induction continued to serve its customers in the automotive, defense, wind energy, and railroad industries (and a myriad of others) with the same high levels of passion and dedication that customers such as Mitsubishi, John Deere, and Siemens have come to expect. Additionally, with every single shot, multi-turn, and integrated quench coil we design, build, or repair, our continuously expanding capabilities have made us better prepared for any challenges our customers or prospective customers might throw our way. 

Having weathered the tumult of 2020, Design Right Induction looks forward to opportunities coming as reshoring of manufactured products continue into 2021.


2020 Retiring Employees

Induction Heat Treating salutes two long-time employees who have logged a combined 66 years in the service of IHT.

Doug Secrist

Doug Secrist joined the IHT production staff in 1978 as a machine and draw operator. Over the course of the next 43 years, he gained expertise in nearly every department from Inside Sales to Training to Quality Systems Management. Doug would occasionally dress in (superhero) character as a demonstration of the passion he had toward new ideas. The encyclopedic bandwidth of Doug’s knowledge will be missed.


Rich Buhr

Rich Buhr joined IHT in 1994 when the company was but a few years in residency in Crystal Lake. He started his tenure as the second shift supervisor. Rich is the type of person who expects results from his team, and he assembled a crew that delivered those results. He served years in Customer Service and has been more recently responsible for Inside Sales. Rich has always demonstrated a steady and fair hand in executing his duties.

We honor the services of Doug and Rich and wish the very best for them wherever their futures lead them.


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