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Dave Haimbaugh, President
Dave Haimbaugh
Past President

What I have learned in 45 years

Forty-five years ago, I couldn’t imagine standing where I am now, poised for retirement. When you start counting your years in decades, you realize how your perception of time is constantly changing. We experience changes in life’s priorities but don’t realize it as it occurs. I hope that I have gained wisdom in proportion to the pounds I have added.

Some things remain constant

  • Politics – politicians will always serve themselves first.
  • Government – in the 70’s they were pathological liars.
  • Economies – will run their course regardless of what governments do.
  • Automobiles – go too fast and hit a tree and your five-star crash rating won’t help.
  • Weather – there is always a disaster somewhere.
  • Corporations – entrenched industries will inhibit advanced technologies that would make the world a better place until they can profit from those advancements.
  • Sports –  the world demonstrates unity when the Olympics are staged. It is disappointing that we can’t be civil outside of this wonderful event.
  • News media – you had to sift through the hubris to get to the real story and if you succeeded you were lucky. Today’s reporting consists of mostly opinion with a little news strategically inserted.

We Have Changed

In the 70’s people were divided along generational lines. Today people are divided along political lines.

In the 70’s people protested the Vietnam War. Today people protest free speech.

I am glad I didn’t pursue a career in comedy.

Traffic fatalities have decreased from 45,000 in 1976 to 37,000 in 2019. We have 100 million more people living in the USA now.

In the 70’s your choice of athletic shoe was limited to Converse, Adidas, and Puma.

People were more likely to swim in ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans versus chlorinated pools. This is interesting because our air and water were much dirtier back then.

Baseball caps were worn with the visor facing forward.

You had a good chance of going to jail if you were arrested for possession of cannabis.

In the mid 1970’s we had to get in line at gas stations.

Christmas was called Christmas and the preferred gift to give customers and employees was a bottle of booze Thank you very much progressives and lawyers.

Dead Industries and Products

Typewriters, carbon paper, audio/video tape, paper maps, telephone booths, leaded gasoline, lawn darts.

As For Me

In spite of a somewhat sarcastic view of my environment I believe that our world is evolving into a better place for us all. I hope that I have learned to be more present, to be a better listener and more inclined to hold my tongue. I am a lucky guy. I have lived well. I have had help along the way, and I hope that I have helped others as well.

Finally, as I look back at four and a half decades working for IHT I can honestly say that I have been in good company with customers, vendors, and employees. Thank you to all of you. It has been my privilege.

Thank You,

Dave Haimbaugh
Past President


IHT Invests in 3rd New Robot

IHT is pleased to announce that we have added our third robot in June 2021.

The entire cell was built from scratch here at IHT, which is the second cell that we have built. Our Maintenance department wrote the PLC programing and ran all the wiring to connect the sensors, and our first shift supervisor designed and built the conveyor with the help of some people from our packing, tooling and scheduling departments. Our Setup department developed the program for the robot from teaching the points to building the run recovery programs.

This robot will run automobile spindles that go into hub assemblies for Toyota, Jeep and Dodge vehicles. Between these three types of parts, this robot will run over 50,000 spindles a month and the production rate on the machine is 155 pieces per hour. Thanks to everyone’s support, and with our company’s growth we have received our next two robots to begin the next build.


2021 IHT Cookout

June 10th was a perfect day for IHT’s annual parking lot feast. The theme was Jamaican and many pounds of jerk chicken along with rice and beans and fried plantains were served. In addition to hosting a group from TMA (Technology & Manufacturing Association), meals were served throughout the day and night for all shifts as well as customers, vendors, and friends. The crowd was overwhelmingly happy and enjoyed a wonderful day/night together.


Summer Months at IHT

The change of seasons presents various advantages and challenges in processing orders for our customers. Summer is especially challenging during periods of very hot and humid weather.

Water provides the heartbeat of IHT operations. It must be cool, clean, nonconductive, and bacteria free. The hard water from McHenry County wells must first flow through a softening system. It then flows through a bacteria-killing process that prevents formation of a slimy film on heat exchanger plates. Summer weather is particularly challenging with respect to this phenonium and so water testing must be diligently performed.

Employee safety during hot weather is always a concern. People are encouraged to focus on staying hydrated. More frequent breaks can be taken to aid in comfort. More fans will be running to keep air flowing.

Each shift has a different set of environmental circumstances on a hot day. Afternoon and evening hours are usually the most Intense while third shift is the most pleasant.

Thunderstorms can deliver a knockout punch from a power failure. Most orders can simply be reset and restarted once power is restored, but we must sometimes temporarily shut down a process that is vulnerable to sudden power loss.

Summer also has many beneficial aspects with beautiful weather, longer daylight hours and open doors delivering nice airflow and lighting make it an unquestionably more pleasant, happy environment.



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