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Dave Haimbaugh, President
Dave Haimbaugh

As an essential business as deemed by the state of Illinois Executive Order regarding COVID-19, IHT has remained open and dedicated to continuing to serve our customers and business partners during these challenging times. We are paying close attention to this evolving situation and are operating within the established COVID-19 protocols and guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our entire IHT staff.

I am truly proud of our team. All have stepped up and worked together as we continue to navigate this situation as a nation and global community. I am extremely impressed by their camaraderie and continued dedication to their work.

Thank you,

Dave Haimbaugh


Maintenance is in many ways the most valuable team within a company. In a factory environment with so many moving parts it is a twenty-four hour demand. 

IHT’s operations depend on a constantly circulating water supply to our induction heaters and heat exchangers. Water must be monitored daily for purity and conductivity. Pumps are, mechanically speaking, the hardest working parts of our equipment and are constantly on our radar for repair or replacement. Induction heaters contain many electric, electronic, and computer-controlled circuits. Troubleshooting an ailing induction heater involves a strict regimen that must be observed for safety reasons. Scanners are the workhorses that present parts to coil in precise, repeatable cycles. They also contain computer-controlled mechanisms with pumps, hydraulics, and compressed air necessary in the hardening process.

Add furnaces, forklifts, conveyors, washers, hoists, saws, inspection equipment and building upkeep and it becomes clear how dependent we are on our maintenance team to ensure that IHT remains fully operational. God bless them!

Employee Profile

James Waclaw
James Waclaw

Where did you grow up?

Crystal Lake, Illinois

What is your favorite season of the year, and why?

Winter, because I can go hiking and not have to worry about ticks.

What are your responsibilities/priorities at IHT?

To learn as much as I can and do quality setups.

What do you think is your strongest skill?

Problem solving or leadership.

What goals are you setting in your first year at IHT?

To be the best I can be. I want to prove I can do quality work, quickly and efficiently.

In which core value do you believe in the most strongly?

Integrity and honesty are very important to me.

How do you unwind from a rough day?

Putting on some vinyl (records), playing guitar, or cycling.


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